About Us

We run our studio from a heart-centered place and our bottom line is customer service. We are efficient and highly skilled in our trade, but we will never become a “turn-and-burn” establishment at the expense of our clients. We share a lot of laughter and it’s fair to say we enjoy a fun yet professional environment.

We are avid perfectionists who work daily to serve our valued patrons with excellence. As our business grows we will continue to deliver you the finest waxing and spa services in Utah using products of exceptional quality in a treatment setting that provides you safety, privacy, and comfort.




Master Esthetician

Kelle is an adoring Wife and parent of 2 fantastic children. Prior to moving to Utah she worked at a top Florida salon for 10 years. When The Waxing Studio debuted in 2011 Kelle became its first esthetician and then soon after, operating manager. Her advanced waxing technique and stellar bedside manner quickly earned her a loyal clientele. Kelle’s long-term goal was to evolve the business into Davis County’s premiere waxing salon and boutique spa, and it goes without saying, she has accomplished her goal.


We are located within Studio 52 at 52 W 200 S, Bountiful, UT 84010