Here is What Our Customers Have to Say on Google:

Katelynn S.

Kelle was awesome. She kept me informed about everything that was going on. She knows her stuff about waxing. She always makes sure that I’m on her schedule every time. I love and recommend her.

– Lisa M.

Kelle is the most wonderful person!! I feel so comfortable when I go get waxed, she treats you like you’re her best friend!! I wish we didn’t live so sad apart I would want to be best friends!! Thanks for being a light in my life Kelle! Oh and she is amazing at her work!! The pain is minimal and she distracts you, before you even realize she’s waxing your girly areas, she’s done!! The best ever!

– Erin-leigh H.

This is the only studio I will visit. Gone to many and this place is professional, friendly and relaxing. I would recommend! Their waxing services are the best and if it is possible, I always have the least amount of discomfort. Kelly is the best. I scheduled through schedulecity and got an appointment confirmation right away and a reminder. Very easy and very clean.

– Amber V.

Ok buckle up friends. This is a long one, but I hope this will help.

I am a plus size woman with anxiety, and this was a great experience.

I don’t know if you’ve ever wanted to get a body service done but have been held back for fear of body shaming or lack of body positivity. A few years ago, when I was a size 12 ish, I went to a body waxing studio on the West coast and she laughed at me when I said I wanted a bikini wax, so I’ve been holding in this fear of going to a waxist ever since.

Fast forward to my move to Utah, I’ve since gained a ton of weight after some medical diagnosis, and I’ve just been really intimidated.

I finally got to a point where we are shaving all the time, and it’s not safe to stand one-footed in my shower. You could die doing that. I started researching waxists, and asking around for how experienced friends chose a waxist. I was told flat out a good waxist would not have clients if they had anything but positivity because they see all types of bodies. This made sense. So, I started reading reviews.

I came across The Waxing Studio, and the reviews were pretty great. I booked my appointment 10 days out because I already had about 10 days of growth, and I decided to just bite the bullet and do a full leg wax and a deep bikini.

I booked with Kelle, and she was great. She called me the night before because my booking appointment had some info saying I was a bit nervous.

I told her about my trials and tribulations with past waxing experiences. She eased my worries and explained the process. I laid down for the wax, and hardly even noticed the bikini and upper leg waxing.

She chatted with me about anything and everything, so it was more of a gab sesh than a beauty appointment…until we moved to the lower leg, which I’ll be honest – uncomfortable. But she was fast, efficient and effective.

I really appreciate how personable Kelle is, it’s really intimidating to completely open yourself up to someone (literally) and her demeanor and interest in a multitude of topics was quite comforting.

A few things of note to a novice waxer: research growth cycles and don’t go too early, or you won’t be satisfied with the result. Read the blog about exfoliation on their page. It’s helpful. A bikini wax apparently DOES cover the back door (I was pleasantly surprised because this was a service I was interested in but WOULD NEVER ASK FOR EVER because again….anxiety. But my rear is very aerodynamic now. TMI. I know.) Deep bikini is a good starting place for me, I think I’ll stay here for a while, but who knows, might work into a Brazilian.

I hope this missive has been helpful to those who were too intimidated to get a wax.

– Marci K.

Kelle is incredible! Perfectionist, efficient, and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Love my Wax Girl!

– James F.

Kellie is fantastic. Always very pleased after my appointment.

– Bruce H.

Excellent and very professional facility. I will be back very soon