Waxing for Men

In steadily increasing numbers men are opting for the same grooming rights as women.  We are happy to aide you with your man-scaping needs, and have found that the benefits of waxing are as contagious to men as they are to women. (Truly, PLENTY of guys get waxed – they just typically don’t talk about it with other guys). We wax every area from brows to toes, including nose and ear fuzz (if anyone has noticed that you have hair coming out of these areas then it is definitely time to come see us). Go ahead and book your appointment online now!

Man with a sexy waxed chest
Men’s Waxing Menu
Brows $17 Stomach $25
Chest & Stomach $55 Chest $45
Ears $12 Nose $15
1/2 Leg (Upper) $45 Neckline $15
1/2 Leg (Lower) $50 1/2 Arm $40
Full Leg $75 Full Arm $60
Toes/Feet $12 Underarms $23
Full Back $55 Partial Back $35
Derriere $35 Mankini $60
Brozilian $85